Making the most out of zoolife’s features

Courtney Dunn
February 7, 2023

What features does Zoolife have to truly make a one-of-a-kind animal viewing experience? Let’s talk about it!

Zoolife is much more than an animal viewing experience. We are a community of animal lovers looking to not only meet like minded people but also come together to help show the world how truly amazing animals can be. Because of this, our team has built in many features to help make your experience with us truly one of a kind.

Some features have been here from the beginning, others are incredibly new. We add and refine these features almost weekly. Whether you are new to our community or have been here from the beginning, we would like to point out some of our favorite and, in our opinion, most useful ones.

Introducing yourself to the community

Your first stop on your Zoolife experience should be your account page. Even though you have already set up your login and (hopefully!) subscription information, there are still a few more things here for you to do. It may seem silly but the My Character page is one of the most important parts of the Zoolife experience! This is because this is how the rest of the community will learn to identify you as.

The My Character page on Zoolife allows community members to chose how they identify on the platform. Multiple animal and color options are available for icons as well as a place to create a unique username.

On your My Character page you can customize your animal icon and display name. When first joining zoolife, your icon and display name will be a randomly generated one. Some people prefer to keep these but a lot of people (including the zoolife team) enjoy having something more personal. This customization allows people to learn to recognize you in the chats, helping foster a greater sense of belonging and connection to each other.

The My Character page allows you to customize the animal icon and the display name you are known by. When first joining Zoolife, your icon and display name will be a randomly generated one. Some people prefer to keep these but a lot of people (including the Zoolife team) enjoy having something more custom to ourselves. This customization allows people to learn to recognize you in the chats, helping foster a greater sense of belonging and connection to each other.

Familiarizing yourself with account management

While you are in the account section, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the other important bits found here. This area includes a place to change your email and password as well as a home for all subscription related changes. If you ever need to change or cancel your pass, you can do so here – making controlling your subscription needs as easy as possible.

Stepping back out a bit into the account menu you will find a very important button – the Help button. Clicking this leads you into our Help Desk section with a drop down menu to find the most common solutions to the most common issues you may experience.

The Help Desk feature on Zoolife provides the community with a place to find solutions to most common issues as well as a direct way to contact the support team.

However, if you ever experience an issue that cannot be resolved through the solutions here, there is an option to contact us directly. Although we monitor the chats during weekday business hours, we may not always be quick to see a message – so using the Help feature ensures that we review your request and assist in a timely manner.

Diving into the world of Zoolife

Although fun account settings can help out your experience, the true reason you are all here is to see the animals. So, let’s talk about the best ways to find the species you want!

The Zoolife map page is like our version of a zoo map. This map page allows you to find animals from a similar area of the world all grouped together. Hovering over the animal icon will give you a brief preview of what species that habitat is for while a full click will give you more information – including a trailer for the habitat. From here, you can click visit to go to the habitat directly.

The Zoolife map is the first stop on your journey into the world of Zoolife – allowing you to explore by species.

If the map page is a bit much sort out, we have two other features that can help make finding the animals you like easier – the search bar and your favourites.

The search bar is just that – a place to search up a species name of an animal you like. This is by far the quickest way to find a species you like, especially as you get used to their location on the main map.

Once you have been on Zoolife for a while and established your favorite habitats, you can start saving them for an easy find later. The favorite button can be found after clicking an animal icon on the map. Look for the little heart beside the species name. Once you click this little heart, it saves the habitat to your favorites page. You can then use this to quickly sort through the habitats of your choosing.

Your favourites is the place to view your top habitats as a glance on Zoolife.

Entering an animal’s world

Zoolife habitats are more than just a place to view animals – it is an entire educational experience. Educational cards can be found underneath the viewing area – allowing you an opportunity to not only learn about the individual animals featured on the habitat but also learn more about their species as a whole. Scroll through the cards to unlock the secrets of these often elusive species or learn tips & tricks on how to identify individuals.

Each animal’s habitat on Zoolife is full of educational features to learn about each species as well as the individuals, such as Ajax the Amur Leopard.

The Question and Answer section is a one stop place to not only ask questions to the community or Zoolife team but also the keepers and animal experts directly. Anyone with knowledge about this species is welcome to answer.

However, if you are looking to learn more than just the answer to one question, be sure to use the Schedule card to see when the next expert talk is. Expert talks are hosted on a regular basis by our partners, team, and community volunteers. Each talk is designed to not only educate but also entertain and keep you learning more. Set a reminder for a talk so you don’t miss out by clicking on the time. You can also view the main talk schedule at the top of the Zoolife window to see every talk in relation to others.

Taking control of the camera

Zoolife is an interactive, community-based camera experience meaning anyone can control the camera at any time. However, our community is very kind and if you let them know in the chat that you are looking to stay at a certain view they will very happily leave it be. For example, “I am trying to view the gorillas right now – can we explore the habitat later?” or “I would like to stay on this view for now please, thanks!”.

To start controlling the camera and begin exploring an animal’s habitat, simply click on the camera view – either with your mouse on a computer or with your finger on a mobile device. Clicking where you want to go is how you move the camera. There is also a zoom slider on the left side of the camera view that lets you get closer to the action or farther away depending on where the animal you are viewing is.

Saving the most memorable moments

For all of you who cannot get enough of the beautiful photos on Zoolife, we have a new feature just for you – the My Album page! No longer do you have to sort through the public Album card amongst everyone else’s photos to find your own. Now you can find all of your photos (and clips) in one singular place! The My Album page not only allows you to admire all the great content you have created but also allows you to share with your family and friends. If you ever see a photo you took missing from this section, please contact us through the support channel to assist.

The My Album page allows you easy access to all the photos and clip content you create on Zoolife.

Photos and clips can be taken directly on every habitat on Zoolife. Once you see a special moment you want to save, click either the camera icon for a still photo or the video recorder icon for a recording. The content you have chosen will show up in a few seconds then allow you the opportunity to add a caption and share right then & there!

The photo and video clipping features allow you to save your favorite animal moments and share with your friends & family. The first step is creating a caption that lets others know what you saw.

Fostering a sense of community

Our community has been growing at an incredible rate and we are so excited to see everyone becoming more familiar with one another. If you are looking to get to know others, you can use the chat feature on every habitat to talk. The chat is not only a place where you can see photos and clips people are taking in real time but also a place to chat about what you are seeing on Zoolife but also learn from one another. Remember to keep all conversations family friendly, be kind to one another, and try your best not to spam though!

Although there are many more features we could discuss, we feel the above is a good representation of some of the most important parts of Zoolife! Have a suggestion for a feature you think would make Zoolife even better? Reach out to us – we would love to hear from you!