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Infinite unique animal moments.

Discover endless unique animal moments from all over the world with our live zoo cameras. Clip your favorite wildlife scenes and share what makes you smile with friends and family!

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Daily chats with animal experts.

Engage in daily live chats with animal experts for immediate answers to your questions. Attend hosted events like meditation sessions with professional instructors. Sign up to learn more.

Zoom right in.

Enjoy a close-up view of your favorite animals with our secure live zoo cameras. Click to control and zoom in, navigating habitats for an immersive experience.

Wonder what our animals do when no one's looking?

All photos taken by zoolife users

Straight from our users.

An intimate window into the lives of real animals, the camera gets you so close you feel like you’re there. Nothing comes close to zoolife!


Software Developer

It’s always changing. I’ve watched newborn animals grow up before my eyes ❤️



On YouTube lives, you had to be lucky to see the animal. On zoolife, the camera control and interactiveness are incredible!



For disabled people like me, a trip to the zoo and walking through is no longer a possibility. I love that I can visit the zoo from home.



This is amazing! What a great idea. Can get up and close to the lions while I'm in the safety of my house. Love it 😍


Animal Researcher

On zoolife I enjoy a healthier space while I draw, journal, stretch, or work. It feels like I’m hanging out with the animals.



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